How an American Shops for Groceries in Italy {Life in Italy}

How An American Shops for Groceries in Italy

Yesterday I spent the day sightseeing…a very welcome change from grocery shopping. A lot of people probably think that we’re over here on a 3 month vacation soaking up the sun, the sights, and the food. Not quite. We are definitely enjoying all that living in Italy has to offer, but that’s the big difference: living [...]

Boston Cooler


Don’t let the name fool you…this frosty treat has nothing to do with Beantown. It is a Michigan creation through and through– specifically from Detroit. “Boston” refers to Boston Boulevard, the street near where James Vernor (inventor of Vernors) operated a pharmacy and soda fountain. While a Boston Cooler only requires two ingredients, it is [...]



For me, churros will always be synonymous with high school final exams. Strange, right? My high school always served churros in between final exams at the end of every semester. The smell of cinnamon-sugar coated goodness would fill the halls and signal the arrival of sweet freedom. By the time I visited Spain after my [...]

On Moving to Italy and Finally Getting a Visa

Have you ever found yourself wondering questioning the significance of an impending opportunity? When there’s something new looming, and you have that deep-down gut feeling that it’s going to turn your life on its head? It’s a difficult feeling to shake, and while you don’t necessarily want to rid yourself of the feeling altogether, you [...]